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LARGE - 250g


LARGE - 250g

£10.00 each

Lead head

WEIGHT - 250g 



Over All Legnth


With the 250g lure, you have the added option of using the belly assist hook. We would not recommend using this on wrecks or reefs, as this can get tangled or caught up. 

In all our lures we use the latest UV technology, which is more visible to any fish that have the ability to detect UV light potentially enabling more fish to be caught. the heads are also coated in a UV reflective coating.

We have the ability to make a varied selection of colours. 

We have experimented, tried and tested and currently list the colourways that have proved themselves with multiple catches out at sea. 

We have developed the current colour range by using a mix of pigments, glitters and powders. 

These lures are ideal for boat fishing for a variety of predatory species. weighing 9oz these lures are designed to be used direct without a weight or leader meaning you can use lighter tackle and lose less gear. 

Recommended Rigging Technique

We recommend when fitting the assist hook, to loop it through the eyelet on the base of the belly at least twice. this will reduce the risk of the hook catching in the back of the lure.

a minimum of 20lb fluro carbon line should be used, either tired direct or connected by one of our small snap swivels.

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