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Lethal Lures UK – WHY ??

Tom asks every now and then ‘Why do I do this’?

We all know how lockdown went, for the first few months we, the outdoorsy, fishing, adventurous types, we struggled with being cooped up indoors!

As soon as the ‘media’ informed us we were able to head out and enjoy a ‘sport’, we were over the moon to learn that fishing was considered this sport …. So off we went, rods, beers and dogs in tow and spent the most part of 2020 on the boat fishing!!

After days of catching, gathering wear and tear or even losing the odd lure we had the idea to make our own. After looking into the ‘how to’ we dove into the deep end and bought the necessary items to begin making our own. We melted, coloured, glittered and generally ruined the kitchen microwave, after ended up creating something that we were ultimately proud of. Honestly, since recently finding one of the ‘originals’, we can confirm it wouldn’t make it into the website stock!! ….. but they worked! We were catching fish and so it started!

A few friends heard about what we were doing, people also saw them being used on board charter boats and in no time the requests came in of ‘can I try one’? … our response was ‘of course’, we shared what we’d done and what do you know, others stated catching on them too.

One thing led to another, we refined what we were doing and before we knew it, we had people asking if they could buy some from us….

Fast forward to early 2021, Sammy is still on furlough and has plenty of time on her hands, so she created the social media pages (Facebook @Lethal Lures UK / Instagram @lethalluresuk), created a logo and set up a shop on Etsy.

From that point onwards we have grown. We have gained followers, lost count of the number of lures we’ve made, and grown in knowledge of what we’re doing.

We now have an online shop attached to our website (www.lethalluresuk), our stock is in a local tackle shop, Christchurch Angling and soon to be in a shop in Lymington.

We appreciate every single follow, comment, order and review. We ultimately wouldn’t be Lethal Lures UK if it wasn’t for the custom.


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