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370g Jig head lure.

Lead head with matching tail. The tail is molded using a mix of pigments, glitters and UV reflective technology. The lead heads are molded, fitted and hand painted to match the tail, this is also coated in a UV reflective coating.

Each 370g lure comes with the option of fitting an assist hook to the base of the belly of the lure. This can increase fish hook ups, but can be removed to reduce the risk of catching snaggy wrecks/reefs.

Currently our pink, orange, yellow and blue lures are produced using photo luminescent pigments. Made from alkaline earth aluminate. This photo luminescent pigment range features high luminance and long afterglow that can also be charged up with a black light torch for a long lasting glow.

As each item is individually handmade please allow for slight differences.

Image is to show an example of design. all sales are for one lure unless stated.

Extra Large 370g lure

SKU: Lluk350g
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